Какой он, Париж?

Разные времена года в Париже. Праздники, традиции, конкурсы и советы для влюбленных в столицу Франции

How you get to Paris from Beauvais airport?

Here we’ll tell you about all the ways you can get to the centre of Paris from Beauvais airport.

The main international Parisian airport is Roissy Charles de Gaulle. The main local one is Orly. We’ll tell you about the most distant airport of the French Capital – Beauvais. It is the base for low-cost airlines, the cheapest. For example, RYANAIR flies mostly from here, but there are also other companies. It takes more time to get to the airport, and the journey is expensive and uncomfortable. But, we’ll try to explain how to deal with it.

How you can get up the Eiffel Tower without queuing

The Eiffel Tower is not only famous for its splendid views, it’s also infamous for its queues. In high summer or in May it can take hours to wait. Even if you want to visit this tourist attraction in winter, you’ll still have to wait for 1.5 to 2 hours at least. Here we’ll share several hints about how to save your money and time and get to your desired objective without long queues.

How to use the Paris metro - detailed instructions

It seems strange, but lots of tourists are afraid of using the Paris metro. They are afraid of losing their way, missing their stop, being absorbed by this transport giant. We’ll give you several practical tips and help you to understand the map of the Paris metro.

Getting into the metro

There are lots of different signs at the “tube” entrances, but it’s really hard to mix them up, you’ll definitely find the letter “M” or “Metro” sign. Ok, you are in.

Baggage rooms in Paris

If you want your belongings to be cared of for some time, you can use left luggage offices at Parisian railway stations. Most of the railway stations in Paris feature automatic luggage cupboards (“Consigne” in French, look for this word at signs). You can choose a locker you like and pay for your possessions storage via a terminal. That device will give you a ticket, please, keep it as it contains your locker number and later you will be able to get your luggage back.

5 maps of Parisian public transport. Download!

Parisian metro is sometimes called “the most complex underground in the world”. Is it true? We don’t think so, you just should have a map on you!

There are 301 stations in Parisian Underground. RER (suburban trains), 257 railway stations… Plus dozens of bus routes, both day and night ones. Of course, it’s more than easy to get lost in the public transport system of the Capital of France. It is why we have published 5 the most important maps of Paris, which you can download in pdf.

Любите ли вы Париж?

Яркое солнце и уютные кафе на тротуаре, рядом с дорогой, вежливые горожане, почти каждое здание и площадь – кусок мировой истории. «Следующая остановка – "Площадь Оперы"», – говорят в динамике, а это значит, что вы в Париже, в самом сердце города, у золотого и величественного на первый взгляд здания Гранд-Опера. А если бросить второй и более внимательный взгляд, замечаешь, что ступени великой Оперы просто облеплены людьми. Кто все эти люди? Туристы, парижане? Возможно.