Какой он, Париж?

Разные времена года в Париже. Праздники, традиции, конкурсы и советы для влюбленных в столицу Франции

Dangerous Paris

Recently, I saw the advertisement of one «romantic hotel» situated «not far from Montmartre». Actually, this hotel was two metro stations away from Montmartre, in front of the metro station La Chapelle ( 2nd line), in the middle of one of the most dangerous districts of Paris – near the North Railway Station (Gare du Nord).Tourists not familiar with Paris may choose this hotel and … at least, ruin all the impression of the city!

How to buy a metro ticket in Paris?

It’s very convenient to go in Paris by metro. There are 14 metro lines in Paris and all the stations are situated next to crossroads, so that all the most interesting tourists sights and other places of interests are reachable by Paris metro.

Notice: don't forget to buy a ticket and don’t be frugal or greedy because there are many ticket collectors / controllers in a Paris metro.

How to get from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris in 10 steps

After your plane have successfully arrived and you are done with all formalities and got your luggage back (it is not so hard, you know), you will have to choose how do you want to get to the most romantic city on the Earth (and the capital of France, by the way).

There are bus lines, taxi and others more or less convenient ways to do this, but we recommend you not to waste your time in a traffic and use the local train lines, so called RER.

The ten main tourist attractions of Paris

You have such a short time in the capital of France and still you want to see and do everything? We’ll tell you about the main places of interest: how to get there, how much they cost and how long they stay open. Click the links to find out all the information about one or another place of interest. We’ll share practical tips on how to buy tickets without queuing and how much it will cost. To find information about any things that are not from this list, read here.

Ten tickets in Paris that you’d better buy in advance

You’ve already booked a flight and a hotel, haven’t you? It’s the right time to consider the cultural part of your Parisian trip. Which tickets should you buy in advance? What can you do to avoid queuing? How can you save your money and still take in some excursions? We’ll tell you in this article. All the tickets we are offering are quite easy to buy.

How you get to Paris from Beauvais airport?

Here we’ll tell you about all the ways you can get to the centre of Paris from Beauvais airport.

The main international Parisian airport is Roissy Charles de Gaulle. The main local one is Orly. We’ll tell you about the most distant airport of the French Capital – Beauvais. It is the base for low-cost airlines, the cheapest. For example, RYANAIR flies mostly from here, but there are also other companies. It takes more time to get to the airport, and the journey is expensive and uncomfortable. But, we’ll try to explain how to deal with it.