What kind of Paris Metro tickets it is better to buy?

Due to the numerous questions about what tickets to buy in the Paris metro and when, we answer the most popular ones. Firstly, Paris and his near suburbs are divided into 5 transport zones. You can get some information about them in our special article called « 5 zones of Paris metro». Paris itself is located in the first and the second zones, but the airport Charles de Gaulle, for example, in the fifth.

Paris public transport tickets

Secondly, you need to by individual tickets on the RER to travel from Charles de Gaulle to Paris. They are disposqble: i.e you can get to Paris with RER ticket, and then move inside Paris, until you come out of the subway. Generally, all the subway tickets have the same effect on the bus, and tram, and RER in the first or second zone, i.e within the boundaries of the town. One ticket is actually valid for one trip on the subway (but it has an unlimited number of transfers, until you come out of the subway). You can change the buses for / within an hour.

Types of Paris Metro tickets

"Carnet" - is a set of 10 individual tickets. Just one metro ticket costs - 1.70 euros, and if you buy a "carnet", i.e 10 tickets at once, then it is worth 13.70 euros, so it will be much cheaper for you. "Carnet" could be used by 1, 2, 3 or any number of people for any time.

There are also special tickets for children up to 10 years (inclusive). You can buy one ticket, as well as children "carnet", ie 10 children's tickets.

Day, few days and weekly tickets on a Paris Metro

Young people ticket on weekends and holidays Ticket Jeune (day ticket) costs 3.75 euros. It works all the day for an unlimited number of trips. You can also buy these tickets for different zones. "Paris Visite" also includes discounts on various attractions. Do the maths before you go, as you will be profitable.

Finally, only «Paris Visite» (1-5 zones) provides you to drive to the airports Charles de Gaulle or Orly. In all other cases, the airports tickets must be purchased separately, as they have a special billing.

You can see below how much it costs to buy «Paris Visite» on different days. There are also tickets "for Parisians" called «Navigo». On the one hand, they are much more cheaper than the Paris visit maps. On the other, not every tourist will get benefits from Navigo, because it operates strictly calendar week or a calendar month (1st of the month or from Monday to Sunday). More than that, tourists will need to buy an additional card itself - it costs 5 euros - in addition to the payment of the travel cost. All in all, the Navigo will be cheaper if to buy it on the first and second zones. Note that recently, weekend restrictions on the areas for a month Navigo atonements are cancelled, i.e Saturday, Sunday or at holidays, you can get to the airport Charles de Gaulle to Versailles or to Disneyland (it's all the sights of Paris, located in the fifth tariffing zone of a public transport) by Navigo that is paid for 1-2 zones.

Travel rates for Navigo abonements may change during the year. On January 1, 2012, they start from 19.15 euros (weekly rate for 1-2 zones). Before the trip, check the price on the official website of the Paris public transport.

How much is a transport ticket in Paris?

Normal ticket costs 1.70 euros, "carnet" of 10 tickets - 13.70 euros.

Ticket from Paris at Charles de Gaulle costs about 10 euros. Note that Charles de Gaulle – is a 5 zone.

Ticket from Paris to Disneyland on the RER ticket costs about 7-8 euros a ticket to Versailles - about 6 euros.

Orly Airport - this is the third zone. But if you want to get to it by OrlyVal you need to buy some extra tickets, which cost about 10 euros. Read more in our article "How to get from Orly Airport to Paris. All the ways. "

You could also read the article called "How to buy a Metro ticket in Paris?"

And the last. The cost of public transport tickets in Paris can change during the year. So, it`s better to check the RATP web site before you go.


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