Ten things you shouldn’t leave Paris without

So, what can you bring home from the capital of France and what should you go there for? We will tell you!

Wine from Paris!

France and wine are inseparable; as are France and Cognac, France and Champagne and so on. Alcohol here is relatively cheap and it is of high quality, though Champagne is expensive – a reasonable one can cost at least 15 euros a bottle, €25 on average! Cognac is about €15 and a good one costs €30-35 in supermarkets. Wine prices literally start from 1 cent for a bottle. Don’t look for cheap things, good wine won’t cost less than €4 a bottle, it should have a deep dimple in the bottom of the bottle and a green label on the cork.

Perfume from Paris!

Perfume from the most romantic city in the world, it’s what you should buy! You can find some cheaper offers in duty free shops, but malls in the centre of the city are also okay. The same goes for cosmetics.

Cheese from Paris!

French cheese is a brand, but don’t count on it, its flavor is, to put it mildly, unpleasant. Also it has a rather unusual for a non-French person taste.

Brand-new clothes from Paris!

Paris is definitely the capital of fashion! It is easy to find any number of high fashion boutiques, world-famous fashion houses and lots of malls, and there’s also the Champs Elysees! Paris is a centre for clothes shopping!

Macaroons from Paris!

There are thousands of kinds of sweets and cakes in the French capital. Macaroons are one of the tastiest of them all. You must try them – and treat your friends!

Souvenirs from Paris!

By the way, speaking of friends and relatives. They are waiting for the souvenirs you will bring them. We have a special article on this topic, have a look and get to know the most popular choices.

Chocolate from Paris!

Even if Paris isn’t the capital of the chocolate industry, you can still bring home a box of chocolate from this wonderful city. It will do no harm.

Scarves from Paris!

We think that a decent scarf is an integral feature of any French man or woman’s waedrobe. So there are lots of scarves for both genders and all tastes!

Hats from Paris!

It is the same with hats in Paris as with scarves. Every tourist shop has a great variety of them. Choose appropriate headwear for yourself!

Vintage from Paris!

There are a lot of second-hand booksellers and flea markets in Paris. They sell plenty of interesting things, from old postcards with pictures of Paris in bygone days to lifetime editions of Lenin and Hemingway. Also there are discs and records, why not buy some French music? In fact, in Paris you can buy just about anything you want, it depends only on your taste, wishes and resources.

We’ve told you about the most popular things tourists buy. Walk around the city, pop into small stores and you are sure to find something just for you! Happy shopping!


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