How you get to Paris from Beauvais airport?

Here we’ll tell you about all the ways you can get to the centre of Paris from Beauvais airport.

The main international Parisian airport is Roissy Charles de Gaulle. The main local one is Orly. We’ll tell you about the most distant airport of the French Capital – Beauvais. It is the base for low-cost airlines, the cheapest. For example, RYANAIR flies mostly from here, but there are also other companies. It takes more time to get to the airport, and the journey is expensive and uncomfortable. But, we’ll try to explain how to deal with it.

You can get to Beauvais airport by your own car

Take route A16, it will take about one hour.

You can get to Beauvais airport by bus 

There is a bus, which runs between Paris and the airport, it comes to Paris-Porte Maillot metro station. Have a look at the picture to see where it stops in Beauvais. This service is meant for air passengers only. It runs every day, 15-30 minutes after your arrival time. The direction: RER Porte Maillot.
There are also buses called Supershuttle, which take people to Paris and Disneyland. Their stop is near the first terminal in the airport. The ticket fare is €34 per one person (to Paris) or €58 for two, €54 and 84 to Disneyland respectively. Children go for half price. You can find the detailed information at the site www.supershuttleparis.frFind the attached file with the bus timetable below the article, it shows the route from the town-hall of Paris to the airport. The fare is €15.

You can take the bus to the town of Beauvais. It costs €4, and the ticket is valid for 48 hours. There are hotels and shops in the town, as well as the railway station, from which you can get to Paris or other French cities.

You can get to Beauvais airport by train

 At the Beauvais railway station take the train TER (Train Express Régional) to Gare du Nord, metro station – Gare du Nord, RER – Magenta. Trains run from 6.30 to 20.00. The gap between runs is from 30 minutes to 1.30 hours. The ticket costs €10, the journey takes about 1 hour 20 minutes. Bear in mind that the train arrives at the nearby town, not at the airport itself!

You can get to Beauvais airport by taxi

It is the easiest way from Beauvais railway station to the airport. It costs €13 on weekdays and €16 on Sunday or on holidays. It takes 15 minutes only. You can go from Paris to Beauvais (or from Beauvais to Paris) by taxi, it costs €140-160 during the day and €160-180 at night, the journey takes 1-1.5 hours. Call a taxi from Beauvais airport to Paris.

As we’ve already said, it’s really hard to get to the airport, but the flights from Beauvais are cheap. Have a good journey!

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