How to buy a metro ticket in Paris?

It’s very convenient to go in Paris by metro. There are 14 metro lines in Paris and all the stations are situated next to crossroads, so that all the most interesting tourists sights and other places of interests are reachable by Paris metro.

Notice: don't forget to buy a ticket and don’t be frugal or greedy because there are many ticket collectors / controllers in a Paris metro.

You can buy tickets in kiosks or in special vending machines. All the metro stations are equipped with vending machines. You can use them for different aims – to buy any types of tickets or to prolong your season ticket. You may pay by credit card or by coins, but not every ticket machine may take banknotes.

At the beginning, you may choose the language convenient for use. Notice: French is a language by default. You must use special spinning roller to choose point from the list and then you must confirm the choice by pressing buttons Yes and No on it. If you want to pay by credit card you must use a keyboard.

At first, you must choose what you want to do: to buy new ticket or to prolong your season ticket.

Then you must choose the type of ticket you need: solitary ticket or 10-tickets set (carnet) or any special tickets ( RER-ticket, ticket to airport etc ). Earlier we have told you what types of public transport rates are in Paris.

 It’s a good idea to buy a ticket-set in case you must be economically prudent. 

Vending machine offers you 1 ticket-set ( carnet ) with 10 tickets by default.

Next step is really simple: to pay by coins / banknotes or by cards (in compliance with machine’s specialties). Notice: you can use instructions if you need.

At last you have your own tickets.

Sometimes to buy public transport tickets by means of vending machine is too complicated for some tourists, and you can buy the same types of tickets at RATF kiosk at metro stations in Paris.

You can buy Paris Visit tickets online.


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