Districts of Paris. Where to stay?

Paris is divided in 20 administrative districts. Each of them is like a separate city. They have their own Mayors and offer different conditions for tourists. Let’s have a look at each district from the point of view of a tourist; also we will mention a few accommodation variants. Please, look at map of Paris to understand what we are talking about.

1st district is not only the very center of the city, it is also one of its richest parts. There is The Louvre and Tuileries Garden (le jardin des Tuileries) here, Place Vendôme with all the most expensive boutiques and luxurious hotels and a magnificent mall Les Halles. To sum up, the first district is the tourist and commercial center of the city. Life is quiet and pleasant here. All the main places of interest are very close and easy to get to. Here you will find a lot of hotels, some of them are luxury, but there are also cheaper ones as well. Anyway, you will not manage to find a really cheap accommodation here. You can check and book hotels of the first district here.

2nd district is very small, but there is the Paris Bourse here. It is a financial center of the city. This district is as quiet and convenient as the first one. There are lots of nice hotels here; all of them are comfortable and good. Click a link for the best hotels of the second district.

3rd district is very “Parisian”. There are no any special tourist attractions here, but you can visit Arts et Metiers Museum, Place de la Republique. This district is quiet and safe and there are almost no tourists here. Nevertheless, it is still the center and it is easy to get to all the places of interest from here. Life is pleasant here, but there are only a few hotels in this district. On the other hand, they are cheaper than previous ones. Find the most recommended hotels of this district here.

4th district – is the historical and official center of Paris. One of the most memorable sites, the City Hall, is placed here. Also there are the oldest parts of the city: Le Marais, Notre Dame de Paris, a part of Quartier Latin. Paris itself started from Île de la Cité, the medieval borough Marais wasn’t destroyed during reconstruction and Quartier Latin comments itself. Also there is Centre Georges Pompidou here, a gallery of the modern art. The fourth district, probably, is the best place for tourist accommodation. The very atmosphere here is full of History and Paris. Wherever you stay, Paris will live near you. The most profitable offerings from local hotels you can find here.

There is Quartier Latin along with Pantheon and Sorbonne in the fifth district. It is a nice and safe touristic site, placed close to the center and easy to get to. Click the link to find some of the most recommended (by other tourists) hotels of this district.

One can’t find lots of famous touristic attractions here, but nevertheless Parisians love the 6th district. There is cosy and beautiful Saint-Germain-des-Près here, one of the most wonderful quarters of the city. Also you can visit Jardin du Luxembourg – the most “Parisian” park of Paris, a place, where locals enjoy jogging and having rest. Another interesting place – the church Saint-Sulpice. As a result, this district is quiet and safe, and still it is the center of Paris. Click the link to find the best hotels of the sixth district.

What a blessing! Here it is - la tour Eiffel! In the 7th district you can even find an Eiffel Tower-view hotel. Not far from here there is Les Invalides, but this place attracts fewer tourists. This district offers a lot of museums – Orsay, for instance – and it involves numerous official bodies – The Parliament, different ministries and embassies. So the district is absolutely safe, but overcrowded with tourists. The best hotels of the seventh district are represented here.

The 8th district is mostly known for les Champs-Élysées. Here is the main Parisian avenue along with the oldest railway station Saint-Lazare and one of the symbols of France - Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile. The President of France lives in this district. Palais de l'Élysée is not far from les Champs-Élysées. Mildly speaking, accommodation here is not cheap, but it is highly prestigious! The recommended hotels of the eighth district might be found here.

The 9th district is ideal for shopping. There are two main French malls here: Lafayette and Printemps. One can find numerous boutiques around these two shopping centers. The cultural part of this district is represented by Opéra Garnier. It is a pretty nice place for accommodation, but only if your hotel is far enough from noisy Montmartre. To see the best hotels of the 9th district click the link, please.

Now we are moving from the center of Paris. The 10th district offers two railway stations, placed close to each other - Gare du Nord and Gare de L'Est. By the way, Eurostar from London and Thalys from Brussels and Amstardam arrive at the first one. Nevertheless, these two stations are far from being the best places of Paris – there are too many immigrants and pickpockets here. If you want, you can stay in this district, but be cautious and alert. On the other hand – accommodation here is much cheaper than in previous districts, also there are lots of student hostels. Have a look at recommended hotels of the 10th district of Paris.

11th district is very “youth” and the most densely populated block of the city. There is la Place de la Bastille and unbelievable amount of bars and night clubs around it here. It’s a district for students. Keep in mind – there are noisy parties till the very morning and drug traffic may also be noticed. On the other hand – the eleventh district has a common border with the 20th one. We wouldn’t wish on our worst enemies to live there. It’s a relatively dangerous district, especially if you have the imprudence to choose hotels near Belleville or Couronne stations. We’d like to share a list of recommended hotels in the 11th district.

12th district is pretty far from the center; nonetheless it’s a very pleasant, nice, quiet and safe place with inexpensive hotels. It’s worth staying at least for Bercy and awe-inspiring Gare de Lyon. The only thing – try to avoid choosing hotels on the border of the 12th and the 20th districts. The best hotels of the 12th district of Paris can be found here.

13th district, in general, is nice and safe, but for the only one minus – an Asian area of Paris. Ethnic Chinese, Vietnamese and Koreans inhabit territories around the following metro stations: Maison Blanche, Tolbiac, Olympiades, Porte de Choisy et Porte d'Ivry. Those people are calm and harmless, but it’s up to you to decide. The recommended hotels of the 13th district are here.

14th district is a pleasant and nice Parisian block. There are a few places of interest: tour Montparnasse and Galeries Lafayette (another mall from the same chain, as the one from the 9th district, but smaller). It’s a lovely and safe place for accommodation, but it takes time to get to the center from the edges of the district. The best hotels of the 14th district.

15th district is nice, but there are no tourist attractions here – at all, despite the fact that it is situated not far from la tour Eiffel and le bois de Boulogne. A quiet and safe district with relatively cheap accommodation. The best hotels of this segment are available through the link.

16th district is the richest affluent area of Paris! Living here is comfortable, living here is convenient, living here is very prestigious! Every Parisian dreams about moving to the 16th district. It borders la tour Eiffel, les Champs-Élysées, La Defense and le bois de Boulogne. A famous tennis tournament Roland Garros courts are situated here as well. The best value for money hotels of the 16th district.

A lovely district – nothing to add! Pretty far from the center, but it isn’t a problem: metro connection is very well developed in the 17th district. The place itself is very quiet. You can find the most recommenced hotels of this Parisian district here.

18th district is mainly presented by Montmartre with all its cafes, cabarets and Sacré Cœur. Some places are very convenient and nice for accommodation (on the hill, for instance), some – are very noisy (near Moulin Rouge), and you definitely should not consider living at Barbès – Rochechouart metro station. You have to choose between noise and fun. If you are ready to have a great time – you are very welcome then! There are also plenty of quiet and pleasant hotels right by Montmartre and la tour Eiffel. The recommended hotels of the 18th district can be found here.

19th district used to be considered as a deprived area of Paris, but now it is a modern and safe place. The gardens are set up along the canal Saint-Martin, comfortable modern houses are built. This area is mostly inhabited by Bohemia and the middle class (bourgeoisie), people play petanque, go boating and enjoy their lives here. You can try to join them, but avoid hotels near Gare de L'Est or in Rue de Belleville (the border with the 20th district). We recommend the following hotels of the 19th district of Paris.

20th district is an immigrants’ area famous for its China Town. Some time ago it used to be a center of Jewish immigration which 30 years later turned into Arabic one. Now these two nations are mixed at the same place – at the crossing of Ménilmontant and Belleville streets. Living here is pretty unsafe, but cheap, so we just can help sharing a list of hotels of the 20th district.

And one more piece of advice: now you know which districts of Paris are worth choosing and which ones should be avoided. Each hotel has its own address. It consists of 5 figures, for example 75011. Number 75 shows that the hotel is situated in Paris, two last figures point at the number of the district.

Please, mind this information. The site staff is not liable for the quality of recommended hotels, as recommendations are given by other tourists and guests. Take a close look at their offerings – and have a great time in Paris!


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