5 maps of Parisian public transport. Download!

Parisian metro is sometimes called “the most complex underground in the world”. Is it true? We don’t think so, you just should have a map on you!

There are 301 stations in Parisian Underground. RER (suburban trains), 257 railway stations… Plus dozens of bus routes, both day and night ones. Of course, it’s more than easy to get lost in the public transport system of the Capital of France. It is why we have published 5 the most important maps of Paris, which you can download in pdf.

The Parisian Metro map. Fourteen lines visited by 1.5 billion of people every year!

Suburban trains map. Despite the fact that they are called “suburban”, there are lots of RER stations in Paris itself. Sometimes it is the most convenient and the quickest way of commuting to different sites of the Capital.

Bus routes map. Sometimes you just have no choice and have to use them.

The map of bus stops (with the names of the streets) will help you not to get lost in the City on Seine River.

Night bus routes map. There is a system of night buses in Paris, so if you stay outside until night, you can get home without overpaying taxi-drivers.


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