10 advices how to visit Louvre without queuing

The Louvre is the most famous and the most visited museum in the world. Unfortunately, his popularity means almost inevitable queue in the entrance. Tourists can pass hours waiting for their turn! For quick access to the Louvre, not spending half a day in a queue, use our tips.

1. The main entrance to the Louvre is located in the glass pyramid. It decorates the entrance of the underground space with desks, wardrobes etc. The pyramid of the Louvre was built specially to facilitate the access to the Museum for tourists. From the underground hall you can jump to any section of the Museum.

We strongly recommend you to buy the ticket to the Louvre in advance. So you could go to the Museum fast: there is a separate queue for the card holders “Paris Visit” or people with tickets. If you want, you can buy a ticket to the Louvre with an audio guide, it will save your time and money for the individual tour.

2. Entrance for those who already have tickets, located in the aisle / passage in front of the Pyramid, leading to the Palais-Royal. There is a small entrance for groups and individuals with tickets or passes. In this case, you will go directly to the Museum, without passing through the underground hall with a ticket office. So without a ticket you will not go inside.

3. In general, all queues near the Pyramid appear because of the mandatory security measures: metal-finder frames and checking bags. The queue for the tickets usually does not happen, or it is not so big: there is a sophisticated amount of cash desks in the underground part, besides there are vending machines selling tickets.

4. Best of all, if you reserve one morning for a visit to Louvre. If you arrive early enough, then you can safely enter through the glass Pyramid and take pictures, and then to descend into the underground part. In addition, you will have more time for exploring the entire collection - ticket is valid all day.

5. If you can’t go early in the morning, then you`d better come after lunch: at about 3 or 4 p.m. However, you won't have much time for a visit, but you can still take the risk. In the evening, during Nocturnes on Wednesdays and Fridays when the Museum is open until 9 PM - queues almost never happen.

6. On the first Sunday of every month the entrance to the Louvre is free! In the high season this means huge queues and crowds of visitors in the popular halls. If you like peace and quiet, then come early, or choose the other day for visit.

7. In addition, the Pyramid is not the only entrance to the Museum. This is the most famous entrance and the most memorable for tourists - but not the only one. Beside the pyramid, you can get to the Louvre Museum through the shopping center "Сarrousel du Louvre", which is on the same level as the offices of the Museum.

8. You can get into the Carrousel directly from the metro station “Palais Royal” / “Musée du Louvre” (it's the 1st and 7th metro lines ). Follow the signs and you will arrive first in the shopping center (by the way, there is an Inverted pyramid, Apple Store, numerous boutiques, restaurants, Starbucks and McDonald's). Opposite the Inverted pyramid is the entrance to the Louvre for groups and individual tourists. Usually, there is no queue or it is much smaller than outside in the pyramid. Buying tickets in advance is not necessary. Just like passing through the Pyramid, you get all the same underground hall with the ticket offices.

9. Another entrance to Carrousel is opposite to the exit from the metro station “Palais Royal”. Cross the road, but do not go into the arch (it leads to the courtyard to the Pyramid), and enter the glass doors. Here you are, and in Carrousel! Here is a vending machine for buying tickets.

10. Finally, in Carrousel you can go down the passage directly from the Tuileries garden. On the platform in front of the arch Roundabout you will see two inconspicuous underground entrances: they lead to the entrance of the Louvre Museum and next to the shopping center.

Thank you for visiting the Louvre!

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