The ten main tourist attractions of Paris
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You have such a short time in the capital of France and still you want to see and do everything? We’ll tell you about the main places of interest: how to get there, how much they cost and how long they stay open.

How to get from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris in 10 steps
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After your plane have successfully arrived and you are done with all formalities and got your luggage back (it is not so hard, you know), you will have to choose how do you want to get to the most romantic city on the Earth (and the capital of France, by the way).

10 advices how to visit Louvre without queuing
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The Louvre is the most famous and the most visited museum in the world. Unfortunately, his popularity means almost inevitable queue in the entrance. Tourists can pass hours waiting for their turn!

How to buy a metro ticket in Paris?
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It’s very convenient to go in Paris by metro. There are 14 metro lines in Paris and all the stations are situated next to crossroads, so that all the most interesting tourists sights and other places of interests are reachable by Paris metro.

Dangerous Paris
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Recently, I saw the advertisement of one «romantic hotel» situated «not far from Montmartre». Actually, this hotel was two metro stations away from Montmartre, in front of the metro station La Chapelle ( 2nd line), in the middle of one of the most dangerous districts of Paris

Districts of Paris. Where to stay?
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Paris is divided in 20 administrative districts. Each of them is like a separate city. They have their own Mayors and offer different conditions for tourists.

How to get on in Paris without money? Ten tips.
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Our site offers articles for different audiences. We can write about McDonald’s or Michelin starred restaurants, hostels or Ritz hotels. This article can cause people who prefer calm and decent rest indignation.

5 maps of Parisian public transport. Download!
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Parisian metro is sometimes called “the most complex underground in the world”. Is it true? We don’t think so, you just should have a map on you!

What kind of Paris Metro tickets it is better to buy?
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Due to the numerous questions about what tickets to buy in the Paris metro and when, we answer the most popular ones. Firstly, Paris and his near suburbs are divided into 5 transport zones.

Baggage rooms in Paris
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If you want your belongings to be cared of for some time, you can use left luggage offices at Parisian railway stations. Most of the railway stations in Paris feature automatic luggage cupboards (“Consigne” in French, look for this word at signs).